Instant $MATIC withdrawals and liquidity mining rewards for liquidity providers on Hop

We’re thrilled to announce that Hop now supports instant $MATIC withdrawals from Polygon to Ethereum and other supported scaling solutions.

While the native Polygon bridge has seen considerable improvements over the last couple of months, cutting withdrawal times down from an average of 3 hours to merely 1 hour, one asset has been largely unaffected by these upgrades: $MATIC.

Today, there are primarily two bridges to move assets between Ethereum and Polygon. The first one is the Proof of Stake (PoS) bridge and the second one is the…

Polygon will support liquidity on Hop via $MATIC liquidity mining

We’re excited to announce our long-term collaboration with the Polygon team to work on various projects aiming to improve the user experience on Polygon and connect its thriving ecosystem to other networks in the Ethereum sphere.

As part of the initiative:

  • Hop integrates Polygon (PoS) as one of the supported networks
  • Hop prioritizes support for $MATIC via Plasma bridge
  • Polygon incentivizes liquidity in the Hop AMM on Polygon
  • Hop will support future Polygon SDK chains

Scaling Access to DeFi

Hop’s vision is to connect the fragmented Layer-2 landscape and enable seamless asset transfers and…

By Lito Coen on The Capital

We are currently witnessing the death of cash. All around the world, the share of cash-based payments is decreasing. Instead, we are seeing a shift to digital and mobile payments. So what? After all, there are good reasons to shift to cash.

From a consumer perspective, having to carry cash around can be a burden and banks often charge customers for withdrawing it from ATMs. For businesses, cash handling is equally expensive. Cash payments take more time at the counter, and employees are more prone to make mistakes when counting and returning change. …

Lito Coen

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